Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane

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The DCU power couple: Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane.

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I hear film is dead. But can I please finish this movie first? - Larry Fong [@larryfong]

Batman/Superman cinematographer shared an image today on Twitter showing an image that resembles Bruce Wayne. Is this our first glimpse of Batman in the Man of Steel sequel?

Hopefully we’ll see more in the following days/weeks as the MoS2 sequel team assembles in Detroit. Miss Gal Gadot and Academy award winning actor and director Ben Affleck joined Henry Cavill in Detroit over the weekend. According to HenryCavillNews, Miss Amy Adams who plays Lois Lane flew to Michigan on Monday. That is still to be confirmed. 

Hans Zimmer is also in talks to score Man of Steel sequel as he shared with Digital Spy.

More updates are to be posted soon!

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The “Everybody is done with everybody” Wedding

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"Channing Tatum Has Met With X-Men Producer About Playing Gambit"


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Chris Evans in 4th, 6th and 7th grade.

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He came maybe a trillion miles to be here. This moment, this point in time, this point in space feels both destined and deserved, earned and inevitable. Somehow he got here. Somehow he did.  

And somehow Lois Lane got here too.

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Lois is playing you like a fiddle Supes. #comics #superman

I wouldn’t hate the idea of Clark being jealous of Bruce, not at all!

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You know when you see something stupid happening and you can’t do anything so you just stand there like

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I feel that when Belle finds out about Zelena and Rumple kissing she’ll just…

Kiss this … Stupid writers!!

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They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out.
- Find out what?
They’re screwing with the wrong people.

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DC Superhero Cities by BatmanBrony

Nice little map.

Kings are dying like flies.

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