Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane

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The DCU power couple: Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane.

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A few of my favorite promo shots from L&C.. 

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    dean cain was “my” superman, haha…i grew up watching that show. i’d never even thought about it until i saw his panel at...
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    Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was a live-action television series based on the characters in Superman and...
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    The New Adventure of superman oh how I loved these two as a couple on this show! Teri Hatcher’s Bob was always shiny &...
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    Here we go, get ready for more Lois and Clark, because I’m (re-)watching the entire series! Haven’t seen this since I...
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    The Hub is playing this and I’m so excited. This was my favorite show when I was little, so I’m recording all the...
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    This is airing on hub right now. From the very beginning. Little 8 year old me is freaking out. lol